ViewSonic VX2025wm LCD Display Review

Posted on 2006-04-24 22:07:20 by LSDsmurf

Picking out the correct monitor can be tough. While 17" LCDs are inexpensive, many manufacturers are beginning to really push their 19" models. Here the price is still reasonable and while the resolution is the same as at 17" the extra size allows for a better image. The jump up to a 20" model is expensive, but not nearly as prohibitive as it used to be. The advantage of this is a larger resolution and the availability of widescreen models. This review will be taking a look at ViewSonic's VX2025wm, a 20.1" widescreen LCD monitor. This is the top model in their "X" series, a line which has gotten a lot of attention lately and has done a very good job of balancing price, performance, and style.

Link: XYZ Computing

ViewSonic VX2025wm LCD Display

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