Seagate 120GB Portable Hard Drive Review

Posted on 2006-04-27 13:54:00 by LSDsmurf

So what does a user do when they want to have more than 60GBs in their pocket? The answer is simple, and I looked to Seagate to provide the solution. Their USB 2.0 based portable hard drive can be found with capacities up to 160GBs packed into a casing no larger than that MP3 player. Aside from the drive, the only cable you need to carry around with you is the USB cable, which is used to power the drive as well as connect it to the system. The first question that entered my mind was-how fast can this possibly be? Is it going to act like a real hard drive in terms of performance? For the answer, I looked no further than my benchmark system on the floor beside me.

Link: Bytesector

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