Ultra Aluminus ATX Tower PC Case Review

Posted on 2006-06-01 14:54:34 by LSDsmurf

Back in the day, Antec Chieftec and Chenming “Dragon”-style ATX mid-tower cases were all the rage for PC enthusiasts. Solidly built, easy to work on and even easier to mod, they provided the foundation for many homegrown and even some high-dollar “boutique” gaming rigs. Cases have come a long way since then, for better (and worse). But the need for a reasonably priced case that looks good, provides decent cooling, is easy to work on with a logical layout for good cable management, and has potential for customization hasn’t changed. Enter the Ultra Aluminus ATX Tower PC Case, an “updated” version of one of the most popular cases of our time, and the subject of today’s review/

Link: Barrys Rigns N reviews

Ultra Aluminus ATX Tower PC Case

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