OCZ DDR2 PC2-8000 Platinum Enhanced Latency XTC Review

Posted on 2006-06-02 19:32:52 by LSDsmurf

Ok, I am going to read you future, it begins like this. You are planning to upgrade. Correct? Chances are you will be upgrading to a sweet nice Intel Conroe or an AMD AM2. Correct? Alone with that new processor, there will be a new motherboard to go alone with that, correct? Ok, I am two for two. Last prediction, you will need some new memory, right? The ram that you will be buying will be the new OCZ DDR2 PC2-8000 Platinum Enhanced Latency XTC. OK, enough of the John Edward want-to-be intro. OCZ was cool enough to send over a set of their newest DDR2 ram. Let’s check it out.

Link: Pro Clockers

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