OCZ PC4000 Gold GX XTC 2GB Review

Posted on 2006-06-04 00:18:55 by LSDsmurf

Overall, the OCZ PC4000 Gold GX XTC 2GB Dual Channel kit is a pretty impressive memory kit. The modules come with one of the most unique memory heatspreaders in the planet, which did a great job in keeping the modules cool. With a maximum stable overclock up to 265MHz at 3-4-3-8-1T, we gained another 15MHz without having to loosen or increase the voltage.Priced at around USD$203 / RM735, the OCZ PC400 Gold GX XTC 2GB kit is one of the cheapest DDR500 2GB kit in town.

Link: PC Modding Malaysia

OCZ PC4000 Gold GX XTC 2GB

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