Dell XPS M2010 Review

Posted on 2006-06-08 00:35:51 by LSDsmurf

With an ever-increasing number of look-alike notebooks hitting the market with 19-inch displays, Dell's reimagining of the laptop is genuinely refreshing. Sporting a huge 20.1-inch adjustable display, a removable Bluetooth keyboard, and a convenient carrying handle, this desktop-meets-notebook is sure to inspire "oohs and "ahs" from the neighbors and a "yikes" from your accountant. Weighing 18.3 pounds and starting at $3,500 (our configuration costs a mind-blowing $4,475), the XPS M2010 was created to appeal to a very limited audience, but it packs nearly every feature you could think into one of the most innovative designs we've seen in a long time..

Link: Laptop Magazine

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