CMV CT-934D LCD Monitor Review

Posted on 2006-06-16 16:01:52 by LSDsmurf

Everyone is looking for an LCD monitor nowadays. Who can blame them for an LCD monitor looks sharper, takes up less space, is lighter, and uses a lot less power compared to CRT monitors. I was in search for a inexpensive LCD monitor a few months ago and read good reviews on a 19" LCD monitor from CMV, model CT-934D. I decided to give this monitor a try and picked one up at great deal.

Link: ATR

CMV CT-934D LCD Monitor

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Re: CMV CT-934D LCD Monitor
by Anonymous on Sunday, Aug 03 2008 @ 15:05 CEST
My CMV CT-934D Just died.
its only 2.5 years old and it died.
one moment im happily clicking away at my computer and then the screen blacks out. not even the OSD shows up now, which i might add doesnt require the computer to even be on to see. when i take out the power cable and plug it back in, the screen flickers on a little, meaning the screen itself is fine. but somewhere between the pixels and wherever the images that get sent to them, get processed inside the monitor, has buggered up.

Re: CMV CT-934D LCD Monitor
by Anonymous on Monday, Mar 30 2009 @ 16:59 CEST
Same as last post. I've had my CMV CT-934D for about 3 years... and it suddenly went black. I can turn it on and it will show for a brief instant, but then nothing. I took my monitor apart and found that the actual Flat Panel monitor part functions... it has all the info on it.. but the backlight is dead... right now i have it set up with a lighting source shining on a white piece of posterboard, which then relfects lighting on the flat monitor part...