G-Cooler LC478K8 Water Cooling Kit Review

Posted on 2006-06-19 00:05:55 by LSDsmurf

Normally with overclocking you do a big increase in the processor speed right off the bat, say 10%-15% of the OEM power. After that, you just increase the bus speed a couple megahertz at a time, sometimes even one at a time. Well, this was not my strategy today, since I just don’t care. I was in kind of a ‘go big or go home’ mood. I’m really not looking for a “rock stable overclock” at all, but instead, I’m just looking to screw around with my computer a good amount. I found this water cooler by accident while browsing CoolerGuys.com, just to see what my old sponsor was up to..

Link: Review Desk

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