Hitman : Blood Money Review

Posted on 2006-06-21 13:19:29 by LSDsmurf

Many games don’t dare dive into the darker aspects of human society. As a gamer, you’ll more often end up playing the perfect hero who ends up saving the entire human race (like Gordon Freeman), but you’ll almost never be the twisted drug dealer, crazed murderer or calculating assassin. Why? Because our society’s standards say that it’s incorrect to portray such violence and immorality. However, a few developers (well mostly Rockstar) have dared make some extremely “wrong” games which also turned out to be some of the biggest sellers of their years. Manhunt and GTA are two franchises that have made millions, as well as been in the headlines several times thanks to their violent and adult nature. But there has also been another brutal and shadowy series lurking around called Hitman, and with their latest game, Blood Money, Eidos and IO Interactive have gone deeper than ever before into the worst parts of human civilization.

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