Ultra Aluminus Case Review

Posted on 2006-06-28 13:06:25 by LSDsmurf

While there are already a large number of computer case manufacturers on the market, it is always interesting to look at a newcomer. The market is dominated by a few companies, like Thermaltake, CoolerMaster, and Antec, but a number of other companies seem to think that there is room in the market for more. The competition in the aluminum case market can be especially tough. The market is loomed over by big name producers like Lian Li and SilverStone, with Thermaltake controlling much of the low end and high style aluminum cases. The subject of this review is the Aluminus enclosure from Ultra Products. Initially it is not clear whether this case is trying to compete with its style, performance, or price, but we will be taking a close look to see how well Ultra did.

Link: XYZ Computing

Ultra Aluminus Case

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