OCZ PowerStream 470W Power Supply Review

Posted on 2004-07-01 15:51:40 by LSDsmurf

Its been quite the voltage competition in the last nine months at ClubOC. First we had a modified Enermax power supply for our AMD testbed, then we pitched a new offering from ThermalTake up against the Enermax and the Thermaltake won by a surprisingly good margin. Next up we had a Q Technology PSU 350W unit match the Thermal Take's numbers, and now we have a REAL heavy hitter from OCZ. Ever since its conception last month Overclockers have been anticipating its debut with a mass of questions on its performance and features. Well we have good news, OCZ has graciously given us a sample of what we can honestly say is going to give Enermax, Antec, ThermalTake, and the others a real fit. This is the first power supply that offers overclockers more than what they want, and exactly what we need. It comes with fully adjustable line voltages, and has over-current protection for those fragile devices such as x800 pro video card's and Raptor hard drives. The OCZ power supply is also nothing short of a looker, and has a black chrome-like finish, so as you can already conceive of it, how about we show you ourselves...

Link: OCClub

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