Kingwin Arctic Liquid Cooler Review

Posted on 2004-07-06 17:10:06 by LSDsmurf

If you take into consideration of the many options that we have now within regards to the kind of cooling options we have for our computers it becomes a very confusing world. However, there is one company out there that seems to offer it all, Kingwin... Once known for their awesome cases, and fan accessories, Kingwin has quickly become a worthy competitor in the computer cooling market. Traditionally Kingwin has concentrated on good case design and holding its flag high on fan controllers, and other odds 'n ends, but today at ClubOC we have a new pioneer in the water cooling sector, and of course, it to is from Kingwin. Simply called the Arctic Liquid Cooler, Kingwin has essentially concentrated on those of you out there that have never tried water cooling and are sick of all that noise that traditional air cooled systems create. It is by no means a hardcore cooling system, but during our testing of the unit it faired quite well, and carries on the traditional Kingwin design of looking good. Lets find out what the Arctic Liquid Cooler is...

Link: ClubOC

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