Neoseeker Bluetake BT210 / BT007x USB Printer Adapter Review

Posted on 2004-07-22 01:56:40 by LSDsmurf

The range on the BT007X and the BT210 were pretty good. Non-line of sight locations all around the house were able to print to the printer with no problems. Tests included the up close and personal approach, a couple rooms over (having to go through 2 walls and a couple sheets of wood as the printer is located in a cubby beside a monitor cubby also). Even through the floor was not a problem. From a strictly geometric perspective I do not think I was more than 60 feet away from the printer at any given time but the printer is located in a non-central location of the house yet the BT007X was able to keep a connection to the printer around the entire house. For the average SOHO user, the range should be sufficient.

Link: Neoseeker

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