XConnect Power Supply Review

Posted on 2004-07-30 00:14:47 by LSDsmurf

According to Ultra, the X-Connect uses the X-Cable technology, and that incorporates 4 points. First the molded cable core and connectors will eliminate loose wires. Later in the review, you will see before and after pictures of my system just to emphasize this point. Second, the technology uses premium tinned-copper braiding sleeve, not just your ordinary tinned-copper braining sleeve! Third, and the most interesting one, the X-Connect power supply has a UV translucent effect, not only will your watercooling fluid, IDE cables and fans glow, so will your cables! Lastly, the technology must have superior strength and flexibility for the life of your system. Ain't that great, it almost sounds like lifetime warranty!

Link: Overclockersonline

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