MACS Monsoon II Lite Intel Active TEC CPU Cooling System Review

Posted on 2007-03-10 18:32:18 by Thomas De Maesschalck

The company in China that makes the MACS Monsoon II is now also making the same exact cooler under other companies names, so starting last month there is a price war and battle going in the market of TEC Coolers. While this is unfortunate for companies like Vigor Gaming, consumers stand to win as prices must be lowered to win your business. Vigor Gaming did just that and has released a new version of this cooler that cuts off the unnecessary fat and by doing so reduces the price by 25% without impacting the cooling performance one bit.

"Vigor Gaming had to go back to the drawing table and make improvements to their design and find a way to cut costs on their TEC Cooler. I believe Vigor Gaming did just that with the Monsoon II Lite and they did so without hurting performance. They were able to keep the performance the same by not changing the fan, TEC or heat sink design and did away with some fluff that really wasn't needed to start with. This version is being sold at 25% less than the original and performs exactly the same..."

Link: Legit Reviews

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