ASUS PC-DL Deluxe Review

Posted on 2004-07-30 19:15:41 by LSDsmurf

We all know very well that the Intel Pentium 4 core is actually designed for various other products such as the Intel Xeon series of processors. However, Intel has managed to segment these products very well and not many know that they actually share the same core design. Much was revealed however when Intel decided to introduce Hyper-Threading to the desktop. Then, the Hyper-Threading technology was mainly relegated to only server processors. Its success in the server segment was so good that Intel decided to add it and enable it in their desktop processors. Although only newer processor steppings had the feature enabled, we later found out that most 'Northwood' Pentium 4 processors already had the feature built-in but it was never enabled.

Link: HardwareZone

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