NZXT Nemesis Elite Review

Posted on 2007-03-25 21:56:45 by Thomas De Maesschalck

All computer related parts have evolved very fast during the last decade. The computer cases were not left out from this evolution. The simple beige cases that you probably still see on older systems are becoming extinct. Cases have come a long way, so nowadays there seems to be a case matching not only a group of people but individual styles as well. One portion of the case market are the gaming cases, which are supposed to be light and not too big in order to be carried easily to LAN parties for example, but also to be very good looking in order to draw attention to them. The functionality of the case is a major concern too. Today we will present you a very good looking, high quality gaming case from NZXT, the Nemesis Elite case, which is probably one of the most easily identifiable and feature-rich gaming case available currently. Let us see how much effort NZXT put on this case while designing it and building it.

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NZXT Nemesis Elite

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