Diskeeper 2007 Review

Posted on 2007-05-19 17:13:05 by Thomas De Maesschalck

The question still remains whether defragmentation actually improves disk performance though. My own experience is that it does. Having said that, I had to let my hard disk fragment for at least six months before I actually noticed any lack of performance. De-fragging did actually put a 'sparkle' back into my system. And if Microsoft didn't consider defragmentation to be a desired thing they wouldn't have included the function within Windows. And whilst I've mentioned Windows, it's worth noting that Diskeeper will defrag your drives in a fraction of the time Microsoft's built-in software takes to do it.

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Re: Diskeeper 2007
by Anonymous on Wednesday, May 23 2007 @ 19:19 CEST
No doubt the BEST defragmenter in the market. I can get this maintenance task completely off my mind since it does the job thoroughly in no time. Smart technology that utilizes idle time to run, drives are in beautiful shape.