Revoltec Fightboard vs Razer Tarantula Review

Posted on 2007-05-19 19:58:14 by Thomas De Maesschalck

With the surge of new features and functionality into the world of gaming keyboards, we look at two boards that reckon they can give you the edge; the Revoltec Fightboard and the Razer Tarantula. Can either of these win the hearts and minds of gamers?

"So, in the end we reckon the Razer beats the Revoltec by a nose. It's by far the better of the two keyboards, with stronger build quality and a more satisfying feel overall. Plus, it just looks sleeker and a little less clunkier. It's let down by price though. In fact, the annoying thing about both of these keyboards is the price. While at first them seem to represent good value for money, with the Razer being an upper-end keyboard with an upper-end price tag and the Fightboard being a budget option with a similar price, it's not as simple as it seems."

Link: Bit Tech

Revoltec Fightboard vs Razer Tarantula

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