OCZ GameXStream 850 Watt Review

Posted on 2007-05-23 12:59:41 by Thomas De Maesschalck

When building a computer most of the attention goes to the stars of the show including the CPU, video card, memory and motherboard. Parts that can be shown off and command a certain amount of enthusiasm. But behind all the sparkle and shine, amidst none of the fame of those items is the one piece that makes it all possible; the power supply. Without a rock solid PSU your computer would quickly turn into an unstable beast of burden that at best restarts the computer in the middle of your frag fest and at its worst, dies completely damaging your motherboard and CPU with it. A good power supply can provide your system with clean solid power helping you to achieve those massive overclocks or simply to keep your gear working for many months. And so I present you the OCZ 850 Watt GameXStream PSU. A no nonsense, get the job done at all costs power supply. With enough power to run even the most demanding gaming machine, this PSU has it where it counts. Housing a ton of amps, active PFC and a large 120 MM fan to keep it all cool the OCZ 850 Watt GameXStream looks good on paper. Looking good on paper also happens to mean squat when it comes to the real world. So let's get to it.

Link: Bjorn3d

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