BFG 8600 GTS OC2 Video Card Review

Posted on 2007-07-02 21:55:00 by Thomas De Maesschalck

BFG is breaking away from using the stock NVIDIA reference cooling solution in favor of a custom solution with better performance. This new cooling solution allows for faster clock speeds on the new BFG 8600 GTS OC2 video card. In fact, this video card is the fastest 8600 GTS that I have tested. It's really nice to see BFG putting some effort into better cooling solutions that enable higher clock speeds without resorting to using heat sinks that take a single slot card and turn it into t dual slot card. BFG's heat sink did a great job of keeping the card cool no matter how long I used it.

Link: I4U

BFG 8600 GTS OC2 Video Card

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