Super Paper Mario Review

Posted on 2007-07-11 14:21:45 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Whereas the previous installment of the Paper Mario series (Paper Mario: The Tousand-Year Door) was primarily an RPG, Super Paper Mario returns to the tried-and-true 2D side-scrolling action that has made the Mario franchise what is today… with a twist. Essentially, the game is a 2D platformer with RPG segues between each “stage.” However, this time around the 2D world can be “flipped” into a 3D perspective by pressing the A button on the Wiimote. Doing so reveals hidden objects, platforms, exits, etc… and also allows Mario to bypass certain enemies. You will be constantly switching back and forth between 2D and 3D in order to find hidden items scattered throughout the game or to solve one the many puzzles that are presented to you in Super Paper Mario.

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Super Paper Mario

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