World in Conflict Beta Review

Posted on 2007-07-16 12:26:22 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Recently, World in Conflict from Sierra has gone into its July Beta event, giving us here at a chance to check it out before the distant September release date. Set during the Cold War conflict between the USA and the USSR, World in Conflict is a different type of RTS. Most of us who play RTS games expect to see a few things in just about every game of this type. Sierra won't be releasing this potential gem until September 2007, and I for one cannot wait. Pre-orders get another map to play for this beta, I haven't gotten a chance to play that one yet though. I know I for one will be getting as much play as I can out of this in anticipation of the release, and from the looks of server populations, I'm not the only one waiting anxiously for this game to go gold and then hit store shelves. Just a couple of months until the Cold War warms up.

Link: Gamepyre

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