MicroOptical Myvu Personal Video Viewer Review

Posted on 2007-07-16 12:35:22 by Thomas De Maesschalck

As you can see the design comes straight from the Geordi LaForge school of fashion – though if you’re going to make a pair of video glasses that's fairly inevitable. They won’t let you view see the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum, but they will let you view videos on your iPod. Each eye contains an LCD with a 320 x 240 resolution that matches the 4:3 shape of the iPod display. The LCDs are 24-bit colour and work at 50 or 60Hz, for NTSC or PAL content. It’s a shame the resolution isn’t higher – after all the iPod can output up to 640 x 480 and that’s the res of the content on the iTunes store.

Link: Trustedreviews

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