Panasonic (Mashita) UJ-857 Superdrive for Macbook/Macbook Pro Review

Posted on 2007-07-17 11:44:13 by Thomas De Maesschalck

More and more PC and notebook users are performing “do-it-yourself” upgrades on their systems. The ability to buy the parts they need online, as well as being able to follow self-guided installation tutorials are some of the main reasons for this new trend. The other main reason is cost. Instead of having to pay some computer store technician $40 an hour to upgrade a computer, users can have the part shipped to them so they can install it for free. One part we are going to be upgrading on our Macbook today is the optical drive. has sent us a Matshita UJ-857 Superdrive, which will give us the ability to burn single and dual-layer DVDs as well as standard CDs.

Link: Pro Clockers

Panasonic (Mashita) UJ-857 Superdrive for Macbook/Macbook Pro

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