Maximo iMetal iM-390 Earphones Review

Posted on 2007-10-11 23:30:10 by Thomas De Maesschalck

With the popularity of digital audio players in today's society, I've always wondered this: Why would the consumers, the people who can afford such products exceeding $300 use personal audio output devices such as earphones that are worth roughly 1% of that $300 they've spent? Of course, casual listeners would have a hard time justifying a budget of over $100 for a pair of earbuds, while audiophiles may say otherwise. Maximo Products, a relatively new and unknown player in this market so far, hopes to meet the consumer half way -- they provide such a product that claims offer to a package to compete with entry level to midrange boutique brand products from companies such as Shure and V-MODA, yet at less than half the MSRP. How competitive are the Maximo iMetal iM-390s, and are they the ones that you would want to dump some cash on to accompany your digital audio player? We'll find out for you in our review today.

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Maximo iMetal iM-390 Earphones

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