Rosewill R6AS5 PC Case Review

Posted on 2007-10-18 14:10:08 by Thomas De Maesschalck

To those of us computer enthusiasts that are more on the snobbish side, Rosewill is a brand that is often overlooked. You know, in most aspects of my purchasing life, I buy the generic or the cheapest.but when buying computer hardware, I nearly always buy the "big name" or proven products. I have previously owned one Rosewill product, an IEEE 1394 PCI card, that I bought thinking I would need it to review a Firewire item. It wasn't the cheapest I could find, but it was the cheapest I could find with a brand name I had heard of. Rosewill makes a wide range of hardware items, and their goal is to build quality merchandise that will sell for a reasonable price. Today, I'll see if the R6AS5-BK lives up to that goal.

Link: Thinkcomputers

Rosewill R6AS5 PC Case

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