NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT Video Card Review

Posted on 2007-10-29 16:50:05 by Thomas De Maesschalck

NVIDIA has brought together the shading power of the GeForce 8800 with the enhanced texturing and video features of the GeForce 8600 and launched the GeForce 8800 GT graphics card today. The GeForce 8800 GT is also the world's first consumer GPU to support PCI Express 2.0! Read on to see what the GeForce 8800 GT is all about in this preview!

"With DirectX 10 game titles like BioShock and World in Conflict already out the market knows just how good these DirectX 10 games look, but also how tough they are on modern systems. To prepare gamers for these ultra-intense, next-generation titles, NVIDIA today introduced a new graphics card that they hope will define the $199-$259 GPU segment: the GeForce 8800 GT..."

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