Foxconn 9600GT 512 MB Review

Posted on 2008-03-11 13:27:24 by Thomas De Maesschalck

To overclock the Foxconn 9600GT, I used Nvidia's Ntune software. I started at the stock clock speeds and just kept increasing the core and clock speeds until I had reached a point that the graphics benchmarks would not complete or have corruption. 749 MHz is a 99MHz overclock over the stock speeds of 650MHz on the G94 core. The memory just kept scaling upwards until I reached the end of the scale. The scale ended at 1100MHz, a 190 MHz increase over the factory memory clock speeds. The Foxconn 9600GT was able to complete the entire benchmark suite at these speeds. Hoping that the overclocked settings would not fail, or more specifically, trying to make them fail, I played an hour long round of Call of Duty 4 just to be sure the settings were good. They were! At these overclocked speeds, the 9600 GT decreased the performance gap between it and the 8800GT. Pretty amazing results.

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Foxconn 9600GT 512 MB

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