Thecus N3200 - 3TB NAS Review

Posted on 2008-03-17 13:10:35 by Thomas De Maesschalck

The N3200 delivers a big helping of network storage at a reasonable price although whether home users really need RAID-5 is debatable. Backup options are very limited and you can ignore the extra PCI expansion slot but performance is good and there are plenty of multimedia toys to play with as well.

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Re: Thecus N3200 - 3TB NAS
by Anonymous on Monday, May 05 2008 @ 19:34 CEST
>whether home users really need RAID-5 is debatable.

Poppy*****. That statement is completely defenseless. You just try and debate it.

It's like saying it's debatable whether home users really need computers. Thptpt!

Every reason that you would want RAID 5 for business also applies to home use:
1) Redundant data
2) interleaving for better throughput
3) maximizing utilization of the drive space

You can only get that combination on RAID 5, and why wouldn't you use it if it's sitting right there in the machine? Media files take up huge amounts of space. If you have a PC-based PVR you're going to eventually want well over a TB of space if you like to rewatch shows, or if you have kids who love to rewatch all their favorite episodes from dozens different TV series. In just a year we've amassed 200 GB after I stripped out all the commercials ... you think I want to loose all that?!

Why wouldn't anyone use RAID 5 when the NAS is RAID 5 capable, regardless how the machine was used? Speed? You'd risk complete annihilation of your data for a speed improvement that will be barely noticeable in 90% of cases? That's ridiculous.

Other than that stupid statement the rest of the review was good.