OCZ Rally2 Turbo 4GB USB Flash Drive Review

Posted on 2008-03-25 14:54:17 by Thomas De Maesschalck

OCZ really knows how to take advantage of the performance market. OCZ is well known for producing legendary overclocking memory, popular power supplies, performance flash memory products, and even more so for improving such products. Many years ago, the original OCZ Rally USB flash drive gained immense popularity amongst enthusiasts and consumers alike. When the OCZ Rally2 came out a couple years ago, it was even faster than its predecessor -- we've already reviewed the original first revision and were quite impressed by the speed (Although a bit less with its access latency due to UT161 controller problems). From what we can see, we are quite glad that OCZ fixed the latency issues with their flash drives in the past year or so. Recently, OCZ released another dual channel flash drive to the Rally performance flash drive family -- the OCZ Rally2 Turbo. The manufacturer claims that it can hit up to 35MB/s in read performance. How is the turbocharged dual chann el Rally2 going to perform? That's something we are really interested to find out.

Link: APH Networks

OCZ Rally2 Turbo 4GB USB Flash Drive

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