Linksys Media Hub NMH305 Review

Posted on 2009-02-04 12:51:12 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Storage is a crucial part of the digital lifestyle: We all need a place to put our stuff, and we need a way to access those files easily. Linksys has tried a few storage products in the past, but the Media Hub is its most ambitious effort. While it's not exactly a small business server that lets you set up user accounts - like the HP MediaSmart EX487 - and can't compete with the robust RAID and back-up options on Netgear ReadyNAS devices or those by Buffalo Technology, it has one glowing attribute: it's easy to use. Like most Apple products including the still viable Time Capsule, the Media Hub assumes you are not a certified Microsoft engineer or someone who carries USB key drives in your pocket 24x7. It's a smart product that eases you into the deeper features, with only a few caveats.

Link: Digitaltrends

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