EIZO ColorEdge CG222W Monitor Review

Posted on 2009-02-05 19:16:12 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Colour gamut is the ColorEdge CG222W’s big selling point, and it almost covers all of AdobeRGB. Visually this display looks uniform, and there were no problems in out tests with viewing angles. Colours and density seemed to stay the same within a reasonable angle of view compared to most other LCDs. We also encountered no problems with shadow detail or banding, and the uniformity of colour and density across the screen was among the best we’ve ever seen. Beside the offensive asking price and lack of HDMI input, it’s hard to find anything to fault the ColorEdge CG222W. Being fastidious, brightness is a bit low compared to other models, it has no speakers, no USB ports on the side of the bezel, and no auto-rotate of the images in the software. There are much more affordable displays that are better at handling your entertainment, gaming and general business needs, but if graphics are your business, the ColorEdge CG222W should be on your shortlist.

Link: IT Reviewed

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