Kingston HyperX T1 3GB & 6GB 2000MHz DDR3 Memory Review

Posted on 2009-02-16 14:46:41 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Today LR has taken the latest DDR3 HyperX Triple Channel kits from Kingston and run them through their paces. We have visited Kingston's DDR3 Triple Channel kits before, but now we have kits with Kingston's new HTX T1 heatspreaders for the optimal cooling. Read on to find out which kit, the 3GB or 6GB, offers the best performance, overclock, and bang for the buck!

"Compared to more conventional heat spreaders, this HyperX T1 kit is much taller. You can see in the photos that there are plenty of ribs in the heat spreader to utilize every bit of airflow it can get. At 2000MHz, any extra cooling you can get is welcome to ensure that you maintain stability under an enormous load. Our kits today come set up with XMP, or Xtreme Memory Profile. By choosing one of the two XMP profiles in BIOS, your memory is automatically configured to run optimally on a Core i7 system. Our Kingston HyperX T1 kits have XMP profiles of either 1866MHz or 2000MHz...."

Link: Legit Reviews

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