Biostar TA890GXB-HD mATX AMD Motherboard Review

Posted on 2010-06-01 08:52:05 by Thomas De Maesschalck

With the release of the new 6-core Thuban processors, AMD unveiled their latest chipset to go with it; the 890FX/GX. Very similar to the 790FX chipset, the 890GX is the first ever to support native SATA III 6Gb/s. In this article Benchmark Reviews takes an in depth look at one of the Biostar's latest motherboards built around the 890GX chipset. The Biostar TA890GXB-HD mATX AM3 Motherboard is an entry-level board that, as the G suggests, pairs with onboard graphics in order to give budget minded users the option of using the latest technologies with the option of taking some of the pressure off their pockets. AMD has a reputation, especially recently, of making good quality products available to the everyday users and enthusiasts that might not be able to afford their hobby otherwise. The 890GX chipset is recommended for use with Phenom-II processors and it pairs quite well with the Athlon-II series as well, which are the most likely pairing for ! the Biostar TA890GXB-HD AM3 Motherboard, given its price. We will be pitting the TA890GXB-HD against the older 785G chipset to see just what type of performance the new chipset offers.

Link: Benchmark Reviews

Biostar TA890GXB-HD mATX AMD Motherboard

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