Samsung R780 17.3-inch HD+ LED (Intel Core i5-430) Notebook Review

Posted on 2010-06-02 03:28:07 by Thomas De Maesschalck

As a recent graduate from Seneca College’s Computer Networking and Technical Support program, I could not help it reflect at how I even graduated without a notebook. Every time I attended class, I would see a majority of students with a notebook. Whether it be a MAC or PC made no difference, (although in a computer program, you see mostly PC’s), but I guess I’m an old school learner as I believe the paper and pen to be the most effective way to study. Judging at how those students were either surfing the internet, chatting online, or playing video games, that would have just distracted me.

Today marks the first time I will be reviewing a notebook on and being excited to share with you my experiences on Samsung’s latest and highest model offered in their performance notebook segment. I have dedicated about three months of long term testing on this R780 and can give you fair assessment of how the R780 really is. The R780 is Samsung’s latest notebook that features a capable Intel Core i5-430 processor, elegant red Touch of Color exterior and displays on a large 17.3” HD+ LED display. The system model number I am reviewing today is: NP-R780-JS01CA.

Link: Modsynergy

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