IN WIN Android Mid Tower Chassis Review

Posted on 2010-06-03 17:11:36 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Staying on top of the latest trends and what I would assume is a drive to the younger crowd, IN WIN offers us a new chassis to have a look at. This may sound a bit harsh, but looks are number one in my choices. I mean bottom line, even if it cools like a champ I still have to look at it every day. Saying that leads me to the fact that while I don’t personally like the exterior of what I have seen from IN WIN, that’s not to say they aren’t attractive and eye catching. They are! - It just isn’t my cup of tea.

With that out of the way, I’m sure you are already thinking I am going to hammer IN WIN about their case. I really don’t plan to. I plan to try to give a fair and unbiased look at anything anyone sends my way. Today looking at the Android from IN WIN should be no different. I plan to look at what this case offers the buyer aside from aesthetics. With an open mind and looks in the back of my mind from the previous things I have seen, let’s get this underway.

Link: TweakTown

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