TRENDnet TEW-673GRU Dual Band 300Mbps Wireless Router Review

Posted on 2010-06-07 19:38:15 by Thomas De Maesschalck

As you have heard us say before, the average home network is getting more and more sophisticated. As this happens the amount of traffic on these networks grow. We see gaming packets, streaming audio and video, file transfers, LPR (Line Print Requests), scanned documents and much more. All of this traffic begins to slow down the average wireless home network due to the sheer amount of packets flowing over the air.

There has to be a way to segment some of this traffic off and to make sure that different types of traffic do not overlap, causing lag and stutter in data throughput. Well, there is a way (I know you knew I was going to say that). The way to fix the issue is to operate multiple frequencies on the same access point. These frequencies (called bands) also need to run concurrent and to allow the same level of access to files (if desired). There are a few of these out on the market now and they are aimed at helping to sort out all that traffic on your home network.

Link: TweakTown

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