NZXT Hades Mid Tower Chassis Review

Posted on 2010-06-10 16:57:52 by Thomas De Maesschalck

I really love my position here more as time goes by, because I get to see companies evolve and get better and better with age like a fine barrel of sprits, and others, well, some of them dropped off the face of the earth. Even with the tough time we may or may not have gotten behind us, most of the manufacturers made it through so far. Usually I see in the case market that things may not be up to snuff with some of the latest releases or that the manufacturer cuts things like fans, LED’s, or tool-less options to save both you and them some of that hard earned money.

In this instance I believe the NZXT is taking a super long step in the opposite direction than that trend. Looking at the box and going over the features and specifications of the latest submission, has my head spinning with what is all packaged into this mid tower. NZXT’s latest submission is the Hades of their Crafted Series. The Hades is a wallet friendly entry as well, and as you will soon see, for what is all included in the Hades, the pricing does nothing but prove this point.

Link: TweakTown

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