Patriot Inferno 100GB SF-1200 Solid State Drive Review

Posted on 2010-06-11 12:24:08 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Patriot had their plan down from the start; make a smoking hot SSD, name it something ultra cool (or hot in this case) and make the freaking case red no matter what. At one point even some Patriot reps didn’t know for sure if the red anodized case would make it to the final product, but everyone who saw the CES sample let it be known to marketing that the red must stay; me among them. There is just something about the color red, I’m a fan and I’m a fan of the Patriot Inferno.

My fanaticism really doesn’t come from just the color red; that would be ridiculous and shallow. Instead Patriot has won me over with more traditional means that surround nearly all of their SSD products. At this time Patriot has one of the longest warranty periods for their SSDs, a full five years. To put this into prospective, Corsair just raised their warranty from two years to three and OCZ is still holding onto the more traditional two year warranty.

Link: TweakTown

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