Griffin Elan Passport & Sleeve for iPad Review

Posted on 2010-06-14 12:35:15 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Honestly both the Griffin Elan Passport for iPad and Elan Sleeve for iPad are excellent cases for your iPad. They will both protect and look great while doing it. The materials seem very durable and the craftsmanship is high quality. With the design exception of the power/sleep button being covered on the Elan Passport, both models have been flawless to work with. I can easily recommend both products. As a word to the savvy shopper out there, never pay MSRP as it is usually way too high, just as in this case. The MSRP for the Elan Passport for iPad is $49.99 from the Griffin site, however you can find it on for less than $30. Also the Elan Sleeve is also $49.99 from the Griffin site and just $28 on Finding great deals online on Griffin products is something I've found consistently and I commend them on allowing it to happen that way. So many companies today price their products right out of the market. Griffin is smarter than that.

Link: Virtual-Hideout

Griffin Elan Passport & Sleeve for iPad

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