Sapphire Radeon HD 5550 Ultimate Review

Posted on 2010-06-17 23:38:03 by Thomas De Maesschalck

It is kind of funny to see the word “Ultimate” being associated with a budget graphic card. Manufacturer’s often try to put a nice sounding name on a product to attract consumers to spend a bit of extra money. If they can make them feel that the product is a bit faster and better than a lesser sounding name they can charge a dime more. While the Sapphire HD 5550 Ultimate is not a gamers’ card, Sapphire does something that may justify its “Ultimate” title. What Sapphire has done is using a rather large heatsink covering ¾ of the front of the card. As a result, the Sapphire HD 5550 Ultimate is completely silent and runs extremely cool. While enthusiasts care more about the performance, completely silent is something that is important for HTPC system. Thus, Sapphire may have justified the “Ultimate”.

Link: Bjorn3D

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