Grace Digital Eco Extreme Rugged All Terrain Speaker Case Review

Posted on 2010-06-20 21:59:11 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Our MP3 players and phones are rather expensive and most all have a great big flaw, they’re rather fragile. If you’re the outdoorsy type then this fragility doesn’t exactly work with your lifestyle, you’ll need some heavy duty protection for your electronics and what I have for review today might work well for you and your rugged lifestyle. Today for review I have the Grace Digital Eco Extreme Rugged All terrain Speaker Case. This case is big, but it’s rugged and waterproof, it even includes a pressure relief valve if you’re hiking up in the mountains in high altitudes. Inside the case you’ll find a single audio cable along with a battery compartment and a padded section for your phone or MP3 player to sit comfortably in. On the outside is the the speaker and combination power and volume knob along with lots of rubber padding around the slides of the case, a metal carabineer, and a couple heavy duty locking clamps to secure the case closed and keeps out the elements. So read on to learn more about the Eco Extreme from Grace Digital..

Link: iGadget Life

Grace Digital Eco Extreme Rugged All Terrain Speaker Case

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