Enermax REVOLUTION85+ 920 W Power Supply Review

Posted on 2010-06-24 21:12:17 by Thomas De Maesschalck

REVOLUTION85+ is an 80 Plus Silver power supply series from Enermax featuring modular cabling system, resonant switching and a synchronous design with DC-DC conversion. The manufacturer promises that units from this series are capable of delivering their rated power at 50ยบ C, and up to 99% of the power can be pulled from the +12 V rails. Power supplies from this series are available in 850 W, 920 W, 950 W, 1020 W, 1050 W and 1250 W flavors. The 920 W and 1020 W are new addition to the series and have four +12 V rails, while the other models have six +12 V rails. Let's see how the new 920 W model performs in our tests.

Link: HardwareSecrets

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