Samsung Spinpoint F4EG EcoGreen 2Tb Hard Drive Review

Posted on 2011-05-15 19:14:10 by Thomas De Maesschalck

The search for fast, cheap, reliable and large capacity Hard Disk Drives seems to be never ending. Enter Samsung with their new EcoGreen 54EG 2TB Series of hard drives and we get a fresh look at something newer, faster, quieter and requiring less power than other hard drives in todays fast moving world of storage. With contenders such as Seagate, Western Digital and many others vying for top spot in the uber competitive HDD market, Samsung improves upon the reliability of the F3EG model to introduce the new 5400 RPM EcoGreen F4EG, a hard drive that we believe just may grab the Crown with its combination of price, performance and capacity.

Todays review will focus on the performance of a single F4EG, and the benefits of placing them in a RAID array. With 5400 RPM drives being a bit slower, quieter and a better value than their 7200 rpm counterparts, many have chosen these drives in RAID configurations for maximum performance at a great price point. We will focus on the benefits of this type of array using the four drives and hope to demonstrate the amazing performance in RAID 0 (stripe size of 128) of these drives.

Link: The SSD Review

Samsung Spinpoint F4EG EcoGreen 2Tb Hard Drive

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