MSI N560GTX Twin Frozr II OC Review

Posted on 2011-05-17 19:32:25 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Today NVIDIA released the GeForce GTX 560, situated performance and price wise between the GTX 460 and GTX 560 Ti. The new, non-Ti version of the GTX 560 sports 336 CUDA cores, 56 texture units and a 256-bit memory interface. MSI has taken the OEM design and applied their custom configuration to the GTX 560, resulting in the card we are looking at today, the N560GTX Twin Frozr II/OC. Follow along as we pit the new GTX 560 against not only NVIDIA cards, but rival AMD cards as well.

The GTX 560 is based on the same GPU used in the GTX 560 Ti, the GF114. The GTX 560 is designed to give gamers an affordable videocard capable of playing DX11 titles in HD (1920x1080) resolutions. Speaking of affordable pricing, the MSI N560GTX Twin Frozr II/OC is priced at a very affordable MSRP of $209.99.

Link: Bjorn3D

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