SilverStone Raven SST-RV03B-W EATX Tower Chassis Review

Posted on 2011-05-24 22:52:42 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Early in my career with TweakTown, I was asked to review a chassis for SilverStone, and with it being only my fourth go at reviewing cases, I remember feeling like I wasn't covering all that the case had to offer. The case I'm reminiscing about was the original Raven chassis design, the RV01. While it had the outer dimensions of a typical tower chassis when comparing to other chassis' being released at that time, the similarities ended there. It was the first in using a motherboard orientation that took advantage of convection and was aligned so that the rear I/O faced up in the chassis. It had a cool drop down cover for the drive bays, and from what I remember, as it spent some time in my personal use, it was a great case overall.

Almost a year later, I was asked if I would like to take a look at the second incarnation of the Raven, and I jumped at the chance. Things like cooling were gone back over and improved while the outer look got stretched in length and shortened a bit in height. A huge change from the RV01 to the RV02 was that SilverStone reversed the side of the chassis that the motherboard got installed in. With the RV01 the window was on the left panel when looking at the chassis from the front. The RV02, with the tray swap, has the window placed on the right side of the case. The only real reason to swap it was to offer yet another chassis in the Raven series that could stand on its own while using dome old ideas mixed in with some really innovative designs.

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