Amazon Kindle, Meet the Nook WiFi and the Kobo eReader Touch Review

Posted on 2011-06-01 12:52:46 by Thomas De Maesschalck

I’ve been looking to get an eReader for quite some time now. I love to read, but for various reasons (none of them good), I don’t get around to reading as much as I’d like. I think an eReader would be right up my alley. It would appease the geek in me and, to make the purchase worthwhile, I would likely force myself to read more. And so I’ve had my eye on the Amazon Kindle. A few of my friends own Kindles and couldn’t be happier with their purchases. Not to mention that the Kindle has been the go-to eReader for a while now. So now I’m finally ready to buckle down and make my purchase when what happens? Barnes & Noble and Kobo waltz into the room and make my life more difficult.

Link: Megatechnews

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