Corsair White Graphite Series 600T Mid Tower Case Review

Posted on 2011-06-03 20:03:40 by Thomas De Maesschalck

I have seen over the last year, maybe even two, that there is a definite trend to offering users a "white" option when it comes to case color choices. Most of the cases I have seen up to this point started with modders painting the cases they already had. This led to a lot of feedback from users on the forums where these cases were shown, and the manufacturers saw the opportunity to make their mark and offer users a modded-like chassis straight out of the box.

The real downside to most of the previous versions of white chassis' is that you end up with a very sterile, almost hospital like environment. Personally, the all white is not my thing and really made a few of the cases out there a definite "no go" in my book. For one, my house has an older furnace and dust is an issue. While it will show on both black and white painted surfaces, on white, just like on cars, one little spec of dirt is easily noticeable. With my need to keep things clean and tidy, I just couldn't bring myself to really having any desire to own a white chassis.

Link: Tweaktown

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