AMD Radeon HD 6870 CrossFire with 5x1 Eyefinity Review

Posted on 2011-06-08 18:54:20 by Thomas De Maesschalck

With the performance of more mainstream cards on the rise, monitor prices on a downward slide, and support for 5x1 Eyefinity available (sort of), we decided to see what a pair of Radeon HD 6870 cards running in CrossFire mode could do with a quintet of screen out in front. The cleanest way to pull off a 5x1 Eyefinity configuration, without using an array of adapters, is with a card that has at least five, similar outputs, connected to matching monitors. To that end, we got our hands on a pair of PowerColor Radeon HD 6870 2GB Eyefinity 6 Edition cards and five Dell 22” screens with DisplayPort inputs...

Link: HotHardware

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